How to listen

How to connect to internet radio?

How to listen to Internet Radio?

There are some different ways and methods you can use to listen to internet radio.

1. Listen on

One way to listen to our online radio stations is just to click play on the integrated players here below. The downside with this method is that you have to stay on this page as long as you like to continue listening on the channel. Of course, you can continue browsing our site or another internet pages in another tab or window.

2. Listen on your systems media player

Depending on your system and configuration you should have a default media player, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC or similar. By clicking the links below the chosen radio channel will start to play in that media player. In some cases, it will start to play in a new tap on your internet browsers internal player.

To listen to 99 Luftballons in your media player. Click here!
To listen to TIFFY Broadcasting in your media player. Click here!

3. Listen on a player or radio of your choice

It’s also quite straightforward to manually add or stations to a player of your choice. If you are on a computer you can just copy and paste the information in the boxes listed here.

99 Luftballons:

TIFFY Broadcasting:

If you have another device, like a radio or game console you may have to write in the proper address manually as listed above.

Still got a problem to get connected?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.