Apollo 440

Apollo 440

Apollo 440 (Apollo Four Forty or @440) are an English electronic rock band formed in Liverpool in 1990. Apollo 440 have written, recorded and produced five albums, collaborated with and produced other artists, remixed as Apollo 440 and as ambient cinematic alter-ego Stealth Sonic Orchestra, and created music for film, television, advertisements, and multimedia. During their eleven years at Sony, 1993–2004, they notched up 11 Top 40 UK singles with three Top 10s and had a chart presence worldwide.

Apollo 440 have always played live with a number of different line-ups. In the very early days, the late legendary MC Stevie Hyper-D featured on guest vocals. In 1994 the basic trio of founding members Noko, Howard, and Trevor were for the first time joined by Cliff. Between 1997 and 2000 they then toured extensively around the world as an eight-piece live band, including 2 drummers and now joined by Mary Byker (Vocals), Harry K (DJ & Vocals), Paul Kodish (Drums) and Rej (Bass).

The name comes from the Greek god Apollo and the frequency of concert pitch — the A note at 440 Hz, often denoted as “A440”, and the Sequential Circuits sampler/sequencer, the Studio 440. They changed the writing of their name from Apollo 440 to Apollo Four Forty in 1996, though they switched back for their latest album.

To date, Apollo’s remixes number around 60 – from U2 in the early 1990s to Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page and Ennio Morricone a decade later. Apollo’s mix of Puretone’s “Addicted to Bass” was made a lead track and became a hit in 2002. Among their Stealth Sonic Orchestra remixes are a series of Manic Street Preachers singles.

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